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Задайте по 3 вопроса к каждому тексту.1) What on earth is a zorb? To put it simply, a zorb is a large inflatable ball that you climb into and stay inside while you roll down a hill.There are two different types of zorbs: the dry zorb and the wet zorb. When you ride in the dry zorb, you are securely strapped in and then rolled over the top of the hill. From this point on, you are the passenger on a very exciting ride, rolling and bouncing all the way down the hill!The wet zorb, however, is a totally different type of ride to the dry one. In the wet zorb, you are not strapped in and are instead encouraged to stand up and run like a hamster in its wheel. The challenge is to remain upright all the way to the bottom of the hill. This may sound easy, so to make it a little harder, try it with some warm soapy water inside. As soon as the zorb goes over the top of the hill, you’ll be all over the place. You’ll feel as if you were in a washing machine!The dry zorb is a lot of fun and is definitely worth trying, but the wet zorb is the best!2) Kiiking» is an activity that began in Estonia in 1997 and is now becoming increasingly popular. What is it, you ask? Kiiking is when you stand on a trapeze-like swing and attempt to complete a full circle up and over a bar. Not only do you have to go over the cross-bar, but you must go further each time since they lengthen the swing. The challenge then is to see who can do a full circle on the longest swing. Spectators observe the athletes in this competition with wonder, as it is fascinating to watch their grace and strength.Estonians have now increased the record to seven metres. How high do you think you could go if you went kiiking?3) If you have ever snowboarded or skateboarded, then sand-boarding should be easy for you. It has the same principle as downhill snowboarding, but instead of travelling across snow, you travel across sand. If you have never done any kind of snow-boarding or skateboarding, it is still very easy to pick up.For a first-time sandboarder, all you really need is the sand-board itself. A sandboard looks a lot like a snowboard and even has similar bindings to keep your feet attached.To get the best results out of your sandboarding experience, you should do the sport on soft dry sand dunes. Wet sand can make the board stick and this makes for a bad ride. But be careful! Although you are riding on soft sand, accidents can still happen. A helmet is usually a good idea.

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1.What kinds of zorbs are there?In what type Is the passenger strapped?What should you add into the zorb to feel like in washing machine?2. when did kiiking begin?what is the challenge here?what is the record length of the swing?3.what kind of sport is sand-boarding like?What does a sand-board look like?What do you need for doing sand-boarding?

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