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Выполните, пожалуйста, задание! Заранее спасибо.Нужно вставить предлоги в предложения.Так-то вроде английский неплохо знаю, но вот с предлогами почему-то не могу справиться)Put the correct word from the following list in each space below.onattobyofabouta) I often go ____ discos and parties.b) We stayed ____ a cheap hotel.c) She sunbathes ____ the beach.d) I’m very keen ____ music.e) I spend a lot of time ____ concerts.f) I often go ____ concerts.g) He stays ____ his aunt’s.h) He wants to learn ____ other countries.i) I’m very fond ____ the open air.j) We stopped ____ campsite.k) They prefer to be close ____ nature.l) I’m going there ____ plane.

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переведите на английскийМою маму зовут Ольга. Ей 36 лет. Она любит читать книги и сидеть в интернете. Моего папу зовут николай. Ему 41 год.Его хобби- пчеловодство. Он очень любит этим заниматься. К меня есть лучшая подруга Ирина. Ей 15 лет. У нас с ней очень много общего- мы люби читать книги, очень много болтать и любим обсуждать все подряд. Я с ней училась в одном классе 5 лет, а сейчас она уехала в другой город , но мы все равно с ней очень часто созваниваемся и болтаем.

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There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all. Задания: как вы понимаете это высказывание … 5-7 предложений

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People have always polluted the environment. There is so many carbon dioxide in the air, and now there are less trees. There are many trees in the nature, and people burn and cut them for their own needs, such as making a paper from tree. The climate has changed a lot too. You can’t the […]

По картинкам на английском языке сказать что делают люди и как долго .помогите!!

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1. He is driving a bus from nine o’clock till three o’clock2. They are studying from eleven o’clock till three o’clock3. He is drowing from twelve o’clock till three o’clock4. They are planting a tree from half past twelve o’clock till three o’clock5. She is washing the dishes from one o’clock till three o’clock6. Не знаю :(7. Тоже :(8. She is cleaning the floor […]

Нужно подставить слова, желательно и перевод написать =)Decide which word or words are correct: We gave……. a meal. a) at the visitors b) for the visitors c) the visitors d) to the visitors I`m busy at the moment. ……………….. on the computer. a) I work b) I`m work c) I`m working d) I working My friend …… The answer to the question. a) Is know b) know c) knowing d) knows Here`s my report. ……. It at last. a) I finish b) I finished c) I`m finished d) I`ve finished Don`t worry. I …….be here to help you. a) Not b) shall c) willn`t d) won`t Unfortunately the driver ……. the red light. a) didn`t saw b) didn`t see c) no saw d) saw not I really enjoyed the disco It was great, ……………….. a) is it b) isn`t it c) was it d) wasn`t it The chemist`s was open, so luckily I ……………….. buy some aspirin. a) can b) can`t c) did can d) was able to ……………….. I carry that bag for you?-Oh, thank you. a) Do b) Shall c) Will d) would The story I have just read ……………….. Agatha Christie. a) was written b) was written by c) was written from d) wrote The ……………….. produced at our factory in Scotland. a) good are b) good is c) goods are d) goods is In England most children go ……………….. at the age of five. a) school b) to school c) to some schools d) to the school It`s so boring here. Nothing ever happens in ……………….. place. a) that b) these c) this d) those Adrian takes no interest in clothes. He`ll wear ……………….. . a) a thing b) anything c) something d) thing We`re really sorry. We regret what happened ……………….. . a) a bit b) much c) very d) very much We`ve lived in this flat ……………….. five years. a) ago b) already c) for d) since I`ve got a meeting ……………….. Thursday afternoon. a) at b) in c) on d) to What`s the name of the man ………………… gave us a lift? a) he b) what c) which d) who Susan is a woman ……………….. husband is in hospital. a) her b) hers the c) whose d) whose the What was that notice ……………….. ? a) at that you were looking b) you were looking at c) you were looking at it d) which you were looking

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We gave……. a meal.   d) to the visitorsI`m busy at the moment. ……………….. on the computer.      c) I`m working  My friend …… The answer to the question.    d) knowsHere`s my report. ……. It at last.        d) I`ve finishedDon`t worry. I …….be here to help you.      b) shall   Unfortunately […]

Помоготе сделать под в задание и перевод нужен плиз даю 11

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How mane exercises have you been doing since you started your homework? Mrs. Izard has been writing this book since her husband died. Do you know this man? How long have you know him? We have already been talking for two hours and haven’t finished yet. Mr Dix is busy. How long has he been […]

Сочинение на английском что я делаю после уроков 15 предложений можно меньше от имени абдула гамзаев

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Before I start describing my week day, let me introduce myself. My name is Abdula. I am a pupil. I like my school and schoolfriends very much. But when my lessons are over I go in for my favourite business with pleasure. I like sports. My favourite kind of sport is football. It is a […]

1. Перепишите следующий текст в про­шедшемвремени Past Simple (что рассказала мама).OnTuesday I get up at half past six. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands andface and clean my teeth. Then I dress,go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for my family. At half past seven my songets up and has breakfast. I have breakfast with my son. My son eats a sandwichand drinks a cup of tea. I don’t drinktea. I drink coffee. After Breakfast my son leaves home for school. I don’tleave home with my son. On Tuesday I don’t work in the morning. I work in the afternoon. In the evening I am at home. My husband and my sonare at home, too. We rest in theevening. My son watch­es TV, my husband reads newspapers and I do some wrorkabout the house. At about eleven o’clock we I go to bed.Упр. 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаго­лы в Present Simple, Present Continuous или Future Simple.1. It (tobe) cold in autumn. It often (to rain). A cold wind often (to blow). 2. Theweather (to be) fine today. It (to be) warm, the sun (to shine) brightly. Asoft wind (to blow). Small white clouds (to sail) in the sky. 3. Don’tgo out: it (to rain) heavily. 4. Take your raincoatwith you. I am afraid it (to rain) in the evening and you (to get) wet throughif you (not to put) on your raincoat. 5. Every spring birds(to come) to our garden and (tosing) in the trees. 6. Listen!Somebody (to sing) in the next room. 7. It usually (not tosnow) at this time of the year. 8. What the weather(to be) like now? It (to snow)? — No, it …. 9.We (to go) out of town to ski on Sunday? — — Yes, we… if it (to snow) this week and if there (to be) a lotof snow everywhere. 10. What you (to do) tomorrow? — We (to go)out of town if the weather (not to change) for the worse. You (to come) withus? — — With pleasure if only I (not to have) too much work to do at home.

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1.OnTuesday I get up at half past six. I go to the bathroom and washed my hands andface and cleaned  my teeth. Then I dressed,went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast for my family. At half past seven my songets up and had breakfast. I had breakfast with my son. My son ate a sandwichand […]

Срочно стих на английском языке что-нибудь посложнее

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One Seven walked in the woods:Basket in hand and glasses on his nose.In a magical forest blossomed beauty,In your basket vast emptiness of sleep!Seven rabbits to meet galloping crowd:- Mushrooms collect? We are with you, too!The forest green rabbits wanderedAnd together with the Group of Seven mushrooms found!Seven thick volnushek in the swamp foundSeven yellow […]

Задавать вопросы о том, подчеркнутый слова 1. Museums organize sieepovers, at Halloween time.2. We come late in the evening, play games, make costumes and masks3. Then the real fun begins: witchts, ghosts and monsters come and play with us!4. We come to a big dark room and they tell us scary stories. 5. We go to sleep very late and we sleep in our sleepiing bags.6. In the morning we wake up and see dinosaurs next to us ПОДЧЕРКНУТЫЕ СЛОВА1.at Halloween time. ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА 2.play games, make costumes and masks3. witchts, ghosts and monsters4.scary stories.5. very late6.dinosaurs

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1.When do museums organize sleepovers?2.What do we do when we come late in the evening?3.Who come and play with us when the real fun begins?4.What do the do when we come to a big dark room?5.When do we go to sleep?6.Whom do we see in the morning next to us when we wake up?