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Переведите пожалуйста на английский язык.только не надо присылать ответы переведенные в

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You ask me about the sightseeings of Moscow.I think first of all your friend should visit Red Square. I also think that your friend should visit such sightseengs as the Tretyakov gallery, the Borodino panorama, Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Monument to Peter Ithe First, the Novodevichy convent, Manezhnaya square, the Arbat.My favorite sightseeings of Moscow are the Old Arbat, the Tretyakov gallery and thePushkinMuseum of Fine Arts.I hope you will tell us more about your  friend’s hobby. What sport does he like? At what age did  he begin to go in for sports? Did he take part in any sport competitions?

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