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My spring break was really fantastic and unforgettable. On the 21st of March my Mom told me that we are going to visit our relatives in Almaty. It is the former capital of Kazakhstan.What I was really delighted with was the nature of the region. Almaty has a lot of green parks by itself, but what really took mu breathe away was the neighborhood. My Mom and I visited many well-known places such as Tamgaly Tas, Issyk Kurgan, Medeo, Alatau mountains, Turgen waterfall and Charyn canyon. These places gave me so many impressions. At first, we decided to go to Medeo and Alatau. Medeo is one of the biggest mountain-top skating rinks in the world. It is situated in the vicinity of Alatau mountains. We visited these places several times, and every time enjoyed the view of mountains covered with spruces and snow-white peaks.Next destination was Issyk Kurgan. There are many sandy hills 7 hours east from Almaty. But only some of them sing! Yah, they really sing when someone walks on them or wind blows, and keep silence when there is no motion. It appears to happen because of special structure of sand that is still under study. The only thing I said was “Wow!”And finally, we went to Tamgaly Tas. This place is a historic place of first people, ancestors of Kazakh nation. We heard many emotional stories about that place such as history of ancient Kazakhs, how they developed workmanship, art and so on. I was very surprised when I saw various pictures of people stamped out on rocks at bronze and iron periods. Pictures are so beautiful and unusual. They describe and depict men and animals.I liked my spring break so much. Undoubtedly I will come again to Almaty this summer.Поставь «Лучшее решение», если несложно.

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