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1.complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Inside your head is a remarkable organ, the brain. You use it to understand and remember things that 1______(happen) around you. The brain is soft and spongy.It 2______ (make) of billions of tiny parts called cells. Three coats or membranes 3________ (cover) the brain. The brain sometimes 4___________ ( call) the busiest commu nication centre in the world. The brain 5__(control) your body functions and keeps all parts of your body working together. Thousands of messages from all parts of the body 6______(send) to and from the brain. Messages 7_____ (carry) to the brain by sensory nerves. Special places, or centres, on the brain receive sensory message from all parts of the body. When message 8__ ___ (receive) by centres, the brain 9____(interpret) them. All day long your muscles and your brain 10______(work).

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Happenis made of are covering is calledcontrolsare sentare carriedIs receivedInterpretsare working

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