Английский язык visibility 120 просмотров


A)I ________(spend) a month at my dacha.I rode my bike and played with my friends.It was warm but it often rained in June.So we didn t _________(swim) in the lake. But we went fishing.Once I ________(catch) a very big fish and we _______(have) a tasty dinner.Sometimes my granny and I ________(pick) berries in the forest.We _________(do) a lot of sundathing and enjoyed the sea. I__________(not / miss) my school friends._________you__________(take) any pictures at the camp? B)Complete the letter.Use:camp sunny outdoors evenings miss spendI haven t heard from you for a long time.How are you?I m at_______not.The weather is fine.It s________and hot. I spend a lot of time___________.We ride horses and walk in the fields.We have different sport competitions and outdoor games.We also make fires,play the guitar and sing songs in the____________. I __________ my parents and friends a little,but I will be home in a week.Where do you ___________your summer holidays?

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