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Correct the mistakes1)They have been to the shops. They will be home soon.2)Joe plays in the garden at the moment.3)I am going to work by car every day4) The builders finish the block of flats already5)He has been breaking his arms.6)Sam have just finished reading a very interesting book.7)Water is boiling at 100 C8)John is living hrer since 19869) I study this subject for five years10) Who has use my scissors?

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1) They were to the shops. They will be home soon2) Joe is playing in the garden at the moment.3) I go to work by car every day4) The builders have already finished   the   block  of flats5)He has broken his arms.6)Sam has just  finished read a very interesting book7)Water boils at 100 C8)John has lived here since 19869)I have been studying this subject for five years10)Who has used my scissors?

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