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l when i (to wake) up, it (to be) already ten o clock i (to call my brother. nobody to he

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1. when i ( woke) up, it (was) already ten o’clock. i ( called my brother.  he had already  left. 2. i (went up to the open window. the rain had stopped) and the sun (was shining) brightly. the birds in the garden (were singing). the morning (was) fine 3. when the rain ( stopped) i ( looked) out of the window and (saw) john who (was standing under a tree waiting for me 4. at this time yesterday (was talking) to my friend. 5. the tv programme (had begun before  came home 6. i (have not  eaten ice cream since summer. 7. i understood that she (had not  read) my letter. 8. she was doing the rooms when i came) home. 9. Has your mother  returned from work? can i speak to her? 10. The cat has drunk all the milk which i ( gave) it 11. last summer we (lived) in the country and (went) to the river every day.

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